In the past decade, customers have embraced online shopping like never before. In 2018, e-commerce sales in the US alone saw a remarkable 16% rise. Similarly, other regions of the world have also moved towards growth concerning online sales.

It also points towards the fact that customers are relying more and more on e-commerce sites like Guatemala-Times. The best part about the new retailing window is that it is leaving customers more satisfied than ever before. Few crucial factors surround this growing satisfaction.

Read on to know some of these reasons –

  1. Lowered expenses

Online stores are well-known for regular offers and discounts they put up. It gives customers an incentive to purchase more and more from these sites, consequently lowering their expenses.

  1. Convenience of purchase

There’s no doubt online shopping is much more convenient than brick and mortar store shopping. Buyers don’t have to carry the items bought or go to a faraway place to get a specific product.

All they have to do is initiate a few clicks on websites like,and they are done!

  1. Ease of comparison

Scrolling the products of an online shopping site, customers can quickly open multiple tabs and compare two similar products. They can check the specifications listed and place an order for a suitable one. For this,they don’t need to move from one shelf to the other.

  1. No pressure from the store

With an online store, they don’t have to go through thestress of facinghovering salespersons pushing them to buy a product.Buyers can scroll and choose at ease, thus conveniently placing the order.

  1. Unlimited variety at one place

Renowned sellers like Guatemala-Timesoffer a range of products on their online stores. Hence, buyers get the opportunity to choosefrom the available variety.

These reasons have worked in favour of online shopping stores, increasing their popularity by leaps and bounds. The result is a highly satisfied customer who comes back to purchase from them.