Whenever an application is going to the government it must have all the valid information which is accurately filled. If the information is inaccurate it will reduce your chances of getting what you have applied for. During traveling, people try to avoid any sort of hassle,especially with immigration.

The Visa and the Australia ETA are not much different. If you are making any mistake in your ETA and visa your chances of boarding the flight will be reduced and you will be subjected to several interrogations when you arrive at the destined land. Australia will block your visit to that land if the informationis incorrect and are changing your entire identification. If the travel document and the passport details are not matching you will be sent back to the country from where you belong.

Australia ETA

  1. Always choose an internet connection which is stable while filling this ETA. The site will show you the timeout stamp if your internet connection is unstable and you are loading your information again and again.
  2. Always fill the information from a secure padlock emblem will appear on the left side of the URL. It will indicate a secure and safe network.
  3. Always check the sensitive data starting from spellings, number, dates,and letters.
  4. If any of the questions asked there is unknown to you then you can leave it blank like your middle name or the second line address.
  5. The email address that you will be provided should be valid because it will be the place where all the information will be provided.
  6. Before sending the application makes sure to recheck it very well.

These are the few things that you should keep in mind in order to stop your visa Australia from getting canceled.