Rice University of Texas is one of the leading universities in United States which is associated with its creator’s name William Marsh Rice, a businessman. This business tycoon was murdered and the Rice Institute came up on September 23, 1912, on the anniversary of Rice’s murder. The institute was opened with mere 77 students on roll and a few faculty members. Its first graduation was held in 1916 with award of just 35 bachelor’s degrees and one master’s degree. Two years later in 1918, first doctorate was conferred at this institute.

Fame of Rice University Texas

Rice University Ring

Rice was a focus of entire scholarly world when its opening followed the celebration of international academic festival a month later. Rice University progressed at a rapid rate and earned its name in the institutions known for advanced level education. Today, hundreds of national and international students graduate from this University and a good GPA is required to get admission here. Another reason for Rice fame is Rice University Ring event, the tradition of its alumni which is a pride of every student admitted to this university and graduated from here.

Rice Ring: The hallmark of success

Rice Ring is a hallmark of student’s achievement in this prestigious university. The Ring reminds the students and alumni of the hard work they made to achieve success due to which they have got a high status in the society. Rice alumni are globally located and most of them have an esteemed status in the society as well business world.

Thrill of Rice Alumni Ring event

Rice Alumni Ring event is a not to be missed occasion for every graduating student and alumni members. The families of graduating students also await this event and feel pride in their participation. The award of the Ring, traditional dance and song, and every other moment of this event is enchanting and thrilling for every participant, whether a student, student’s family member, alumni, or faculty member.